Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1 Not supposed to be here

It's Sept, 29. Wasn't supposed to arrive in Martignano until Oct. 1 but there u are. One has to remain flexible while travelling. Lovely Paola is fixing up my enormous room as I write. Big bed under vaulted ceiling, tile floor -- and most important of all, private, modern bathroom.

Wind blows gently, shaking the grape leaves overhead. Sound of dishwasher doing its thing in communal kitchen.

That's it for now.  Must take a walk and buy some fruit. Hope the stores (there r two here and I hear some days they choose not to in this town of 1,800.)



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  1. Elvira; Happy to hear that you made it safe to Italy and get to hear the sounds of home: dishes being done. I look forward to reading more.