Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 28 Girl with pearl earrings

Today, a clump of clouds, low and smoky, played tag with me all the way to Calimera. I was of two minds whether I should risk getting caught in a downpour. But when I left Martignano around 2 p.m. the sky looked promising.

Still, I headed out armed with a raincoat that has a hood, and an umbrella with a leopard spot pattern. (This is the third umbrella I've bought in the few weeks. (See a previous post for full complaint.)

But rain or no rain I had no choice but to go to Calimera. Martignano has no bank machine and I found myself sans funds. 

As soon as I hit the provincial road I saw the clouds. I watched them get ahead of me, then behind me, then to the right of me and so on, as I hurried along the now familiar road.  The wind made a haunting sound as it whistled through the olive trees. More birds than I've ever heard in one shot in these parts chattered and took flight, making crazy circular patterns against the clouds.

I knew this bird behaviour did not auger well for keeping dry. So I walked faster and prayed for the best, although I did stop by the roadside to admire a strangely beautiful clump of perfect, tiny yellow wildflowers.

I made it to the bank machine quite dry. But my luck was about to change: the machine refused to give me my money. I went to another machine further down but it wasn't at all like the other one and I couldn't figure out which buttons to press.  I went back to the first one and finally figured out what I'd done wrong. I’d asked for too much money in one shot.

Relieved I went up the street to Cafe Vitoria wondering which two flavours of gelato I’d try today. But it was closed. Disappointed, I turned for home. Just as my feet hit via Roma, the sky opened up. 

I trotted the three kilometres (going home, it's uphill) back to Martignano and got back just in time to change out of my wet clothes so I could catch a ride with Stella to Lecce at 4:30 p.m.

As recompense for my travails today I bought myself to a pair of silver and pearl earrings. A girl's gotta be good to herself after such a difficult day, eh? 
 I ignored the ominous dark clouds because I needed to go and get money. Isn't that always the reason?


But the threatening storm didn't stop me from stopping to admire these glorious, miniscule yellow wildflowers

Here I am, the girl with the new pearl earrings

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