Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 32 Night out

Have stopped incessant sneezing. That makes it possible for me to join our hostess Paola, who is driving Barbara and Shay and me to Lecce for a big Saturday night out. Barbara and Shay are both painters and Paola’s friend runs a gallery in Lecce's centro storico and she's having an exhibit opening tonight.

Not that I  don't care for art but to be honest the real draw for me is going to dinner  afterward. So we're on our way out and I'll report later.

The gallery itself was gorgeous.  But  I  didn't  understand  the exhibit, what artist  Domenico  Uccio Biondi was trying to express. I counted three life-size naked women, and a woman’s head and chest affixed to a canvas wearing a floor-length red skirt. Two of the sculptures wore funny goggles.

I tried getting a clue from the written material but couldn’t make heads or tails of that either: “il tempo vuole un bacio.”(Time wants a kiss). What the hell does that mean? Sometimes “art” is just too precious for my taste.

I tried reading the glossy program.  I really intended to try to understand but I guess I'm  not over my cold altogether because when I came across words like “incandescent,” “immortal” and “inexorable” I just didn't have the energy to continue.  

Much more  fun  was our  dinner, although we had a hard time finding a place to eat.  The old town was jammed.  In Lecce you need a reservation on a Saturday night.  But at 8:30 p.m., we finally found seats at a place called Amici Miei, where both Barbara and Paola had eaten before.  They did us a favour and let us in but there was a catch: We had to vacate the table by 9:30.

Appetizers for two, two pasta dishes, a salad and a bottle of rose wine called Five Roses and the four of us listed out of there exactly one hour later. Not even I had the nerve to utter the word “gelato” as we fought our way through the still growing crowds toward home. 

I didn't get what the artist was driving at but dinner (below) was a work of art.

Our pasta dishes included orecchiette with rapini and linguini with muscles and clams.

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