Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 39 Wine but no roses

Just got back from the Novello festival in Leverano -- that's novello as in new wine. In addition to a dish of lovely macaroni in a rich tomato sauce with ricotta forte, grilled sausages and a glass of new wine (okay, a half glass for those of you who know me), I also snagged myself a couple of men.

Yes, I did. Not one but two.  I caught the first with the fringe of my scarf. It got caught on the button of the guy's coat. We stood there in the way of an angry crowd trying to get at its food while we disentangled from each other. The second one I caught with my coat belt. He was walking in one direction and I in the other and neither one of us was moving too fast until we realized why.

I came away from the evening with a hunk of Pugliese bread. They make the loaves the size of a small table. You tell the seller how much you want and he/she cuts off the requisite chunk and weighs it. There were also real truffles for sale, both whole and in jars. I didn't buy any though. Wouldn't really have known what to do with something that costs almost as much as gold.

Stepped into a small church on a side street where Byzantine-style religious pictures were being sold. Barbara pointed to a large statue of Jesus to the left of the altar, which wasn't for sale. We were in agreement: It was the most gruesome representation of Christ either of us had ever seen.

On the way out of the church Shay said, "Every religion group makes money out of its religion. I can tell you God doesn't need the money."

A wise man is Shay.

Leverano was all decorated for its annual Novello festival

Groups sprinkled throughout the town offered traditional folk entertainment  

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