Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 46 Bye, bye euros

Up until now, I've spent most of my money here on food, grocery stores, fruit stores and restaurants. But today I woke up with an itch to buy stuff. Never one to ignore my stronger urges, I headed off to Calimera, purse strap slung securely over my shoulder, full wallet stuffed safely beside the reading glasses.

The walk was a joy. Bright clear skies, a pleasant breeze, and birdsong accompanied me along the old road.

First stop 
Calzature Pelleteria Rosato: 1 pair of shoes for my mother; 1 pair for me; a scarf for a friend -- 128 Euros
Second stop
Cafe de l'Anglo, 1 cappuccino with cacao -- 1.2 Euros
Third stop
Leo Frutta: oyster mushrooms; 4 small tomatoes; pistachios; 3 persimmons (I completely squashed one carrying all the bags home 3 kilometres); bunch of grapes -- 7.8 Euros
Fourth stop
Biscottificio Corliano: 2 bread rolls (Shay's the only one that likes this type of bread), .5 Euros

On the way past the Supermercato Pam, I ran into one of the young women that own the hair salon where I went a few weeks ago. She gave me a lift to the wine store, which was a good distance away. It was already 12:30 and I wanted to be sure to get there before it closed for siesta. (I did have to retrace my steps from the wine store and then back to Martignano carrying all the bags, of course).

Fifth stop
Enoteca Iavarone Andrea: 1 bottle of prosecco (recommended by the shopkeeper); 1 bag of mirtilli canditi ricoperti di puro cioccolato extra fondente (candied blueberries robed in extra dark chocolate -- 13 Euros

Sixth stop
Gioielli Di Rosa: 1 small set of elegant ceramic oil and vinegar servers -- 10 Euros.

Total damage: 160.5 Euros

At today's exchange rates that's $221.95Canadian; $219.90 American.

I've got a couple of weeks left to go in Italy and I swear I'm not going to buy another thing. As a friend of mine from Quebec used to say in her very charming Francophone accent: "THAT'S IT. THAT'S ALL."

Notice the completely squashed persimmon in the foreground? The shoes on the right are for my mother. The cute little boots at the rear are for me.

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