Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 54 Corrupting wine

My housemates, Barbara, Shay and Frances have succeeded in corrupting me. They'd stated their intentions early on but I never thought they'd achieve it. More persistent people than they have tried and failed.

I am now officially a drinker of wine in all its luscious hues and textures: red and white, very dry; rose, ditto; sparkling white prosecco and a sparkling red which I tasted for the first time today when Shay handed me a full glass on the rooftop this evening.

I came back from my run and heard them calling me from up there. I climbed the steep stairs and there they are were, smirking with glasses in hand (not Barbara, though. She's suffered from either food poisoning or a virus of since last night.) slurping up this sparkling ruby red stuff. Shay filled, yes filled, an entire elegant tulip-shaped glass for me and I drank the whole thing -- and that's before any thought of dinner. 

The corruption process started with them filling a half of a liquer glass two months ago.  The other day, on my own initiative I went out and bought a bottle of Montenegro, a lovely digestive, when I noticed we'd run out of amaro.  The bottle says the liquer is made from herbs....

The evening sky from our rooftop.... lounge?

Housemates Frances (enjoying a glass of sparkling red) and Barbara in our rooftop lounge

Shay relaxes after having filled everybody's glass

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