Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 41 Night thunder

Lulled to sleep by waves of thunder last night. Felt safe under thick, vaulted masonry walls. In spite of the turbulence outside, no discordant dreams appeared in my slumber last night.

Watched a film on my computer late in the evening. Maybe that's why I slept like a baby. Love stories are so comforting. An Italian film but starring Scottish actress, Tilda Swinton, called I am Love (Io sono l'amore). Slow moving, sensual film about a rich, aristocratic mature woman imprisoned by her wonderful life. Nice.

Was so wrapped up in the movie I didn't realize my housemates were having a party in the kitchen. Thick walls keep noise down so I didn't hear the popping of corks. They'd sent me an email but I didn't see it till the movie was over, and by then so was the party.

Barbara told me this morning, they'd considered pounding on my door and hauling me out but decided they didn't know me well enough yet for that.

Truffles offered for sale during the wine festival in Leverano

Pane Pugliese comes in big loaves. They slice off what you want and charge you by weight.

Our coffee in Gallipoli came with a silver basket filled with these tiny, delectable almond confections

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