Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 55 Feasting

Shay had his heart set on going back to that unbelievable restaurant, Puritate, in Gallipoli. This time Frances and Barbara came along too. Shay confessed he was worried about being disappointed the second time around.  We weren't disappointed, though. We left ecstatic.

We reprised two dishes we'd had the first time, spaghettini with palmetto and the tuna scaloppini, and added spaghetti with lemon and teeny weenie shrimp, plus a lightly battered monkfish. And there was wine, of course. Two bottles of white, the second of which we didn't finish so we took it home.

Since we had only two primi and two secondi among the four of us, most had room for dessert, except for Shay who’s always a bit to virtuous about sweets. (He did, however, make mincemeat of the basket of tiny almond cookies that came with his perfectly brewed macchiato.) Ahhh....a lovely lemon torta for Barbara and me and a glass bowl of coffee-flavoured panna cotta for Frances.

The meal was worth the 40-minute drive to this beautiful fishing town of 20,000 on the Ionian Sea.

After the late lunch we walked through the centro storico. The wind pulled at our coats but it didn't matter. Everything was closed, of course, since it's Sunday but that didn't matter either.

I could live in one of those old wind-weathered houses. I’d pick one of the ones facing the sea. I'd stand at a second floor window and watch the roiling waves crashing against the rocks. 

Today Gallipoli provided a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

My lovely lemon torta (lemon meringue)

Somebody living in one of the houses across the sea wall has their put laundry out on the street to dry

A built in niche beside the front door of a residence holds a statue of the Blessed Virgin

The facade of the Cathedral of Santa Agatha of Catanio, 1629, was built on top of an earlier church on the island's summit. The interior covered with paintings most by Giovanni Andrea Coppola.

An example of one of the altars each of which has a large painting depicting a biblical story

Skull and bones of San Fausto, priest and martyr. The basilica also houses the breast of Saint Agatha.

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