Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 53 Blue skies

As my departure approaches, I'm torn between wanting to stay and a desire to return home to the people and things that belong to me.

I walked along today trying to imprint in my mind's eye the exact shade of blue of this marvelous sky so that I call it up when I'm shovelling snow at home this winter.

We are going out to dinner tonight to a place called Le Sierra. I believe it's Calimera's only bed and breakfast. Its restaurant is reputed to be excellent. I will so miss going out to dinner three or four times a week with my lovely housemates, eating at really good restaurants for relatively little. Twenty Euros per person gets you a top-notch full course meal with generous servings of vino. But we've never spent that much. We order a few dishes and share since not a single one of us can down three full courses. 

When I go grocery shopping I'm amazed by the reasonable cost of produce. At home I never walk away without spending less than $25. Here I rarely spend more than 5 Euros for the same amount. It's true selection is limited but everything is dirt fresh.

Blue skies over Calimera

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